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Seroils Petroleum is a limited liability Company incorporated in Nigeria pursuant to the Companies and Allied matters Act to provide wide range of services in oil distribution supply services and logistics.

  Seroils petroleum Limited intent is to participate in the lifting of crude oil once the approval is given to indigenous shipping companies by the Federal Government of Nigeria, by acquiring ultra large cargo carriers (ULCC) for the transportation of crude oil.

The company is determined to work in an increasingly wide range of fields under a system or policy of total responsibility aimed at maximizing profit, creating and maintaining positive corporate image which is designed to attain the level of excellence?.


Seroils Petroleum Limited is an indigenous oil & gas, shipping and logistics services company that is very viable and renowned in its services to a wide range of clients and partners.


The company is taking advantage or the local content policy in the oil and gas and the cabotage law regime in the maritime industries to achieve lofty heights and operational efficiency in service delivery to highly esteemed customers.

Under a system of total responsibility, Seroils Petroleum Limited has participated with and worked for some prominent oil and gas companies in transportation of petroleum products.



Renders to a wide range of clients and partners in the following areas,

We are a wholly owned indigenous company engaged in providing first class service in the OIL and GAS sector of Nigeria

Seroils Petroleum Limited is dominantly into petroleum product trading and marketing, we buy and sale as well as haulage petroleum products to various clients on demand. we are currently working on building our retail capacity in the distribution and supply of petroleum products thereby creating supply chain in the upstream and downstream  petroleum industry in Nigeria .


With the company?s sophisticated and well-organized transportation network and system, petroleum products are promptly delivered to the consignee.


The economic benefits of our clients that we take into account, among others are Cost Control, Cost Evaluation and Cost Analysis. When we are undertaking a particular job, in as much as the company is profit-oriented, we are also considerate of the fact that we have to limit or regulate cost on the part of our clients in order to strike a balance.

Furthermore, the company also endeavors to judge the worth of the job being undertaking and an overall analysis or detailed examination is carried out in the economic interest of our clients and vice versa, so that on the whole, the job would be cost effective for both parties. Economically, we give due consideration to the interest of our clients.

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